Documentation and current publications

User Guide for HAMISH
The publications arising from ongoing work are given below:
  • Fang J, Cant RS, Moullinec C, Emerson D, Chakraborty N. First investigations using the HAMISH code: an adaptive mesh solver for turbulent reacting flow. In: 29th Parallel CFD conference. 2017, Glasgow, UK.
  • Fang J, Moullinec C, Emerson D, Chakraborty N, Cant RS. The first investigation of the HAMISH code: An adaptive mesh solver for turbulent reacting flows. In: 16th International SIAM conference on Numerical Combustion. 2017, Orlando, FL, USA: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
  • Lai J, Chakraborty N. Heat flux and flow topology statistics in oblique quenching of turbulent premixed flames by isothermal inert walls. In: 26th International Colloquium on Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems. 2017, Boston, USA.
  • Lai J, Chakraborty N, Klein M. Direct Numerical Simulation of head-on quenching of statistically planar methane-air flames using a detailed chemical mechanism. In: 10th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium. 2017, Napoli, Italy.