Travel Funding

Based on a management team meeting on the 23rd of February 2018, it has been decided to suspend the travel funding with immediate effect (it does not apply to Daresbury staff members because the conferences on combustion are often not relevant to their activities in Work Package 3). Please do not consider this as a negative development but as a temporary measure. We need to do this because this is the last year of our running grant so we need to monitor our finances closely. We have ringfenced a sum of money for supporting members to attend and disseminate their work in the 37th International Symposium on Combustion. The amount and the level of that support will depend on the number of papers accepted in the symposium. Once we have a better idea about the total amount of symposium support, we will release funds for other conferences (such as ETMM, THMT etc.). More information on this will be released soon after the symposium outcomes are known. Meanwhile please keep hold of the receipts from conferences in case you want to get it reimbursed by the consortium once/if we are able to release more fund at a later date.