If you are interested in joining the consortium or would like to find out more about this field of research, please contact:


Administrative Secretary:

Jennifer Richmond (jennifer.richmond@ncl.ac.uk)

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Nilanjan Chakraborty (nilanjan.chakraborty@ncl.ac.uk)

Management Committee

Prof. R. Stewart Cant (rsc10@eng.cam.ac.uk)

Prof. D. Emerson (david.emerson@stfc.ac.uk)

Prof. W.P. Jones (w.jones@imperial.ac.uk)

Prof. E. Mastorakos (em257@eng.cam.ac.uk)

Prof. N. Swaminathan (ns341@cam.ac.uk)

Dr. Salvador Navarro-Martinez (s.navarro@imperial.ac.uk)