UKCTRF Annual meeting, Imperial College London 2015

Tue 22 Sep 2015 – Wed 23 Sep 2015

The following presentations were given at the event:

Zhi Chen - Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Partially Premixed Flames
Elena Demosthenous - Direct numerical simulations of premixed and non premised dual fuel autoignition
Simon Gallot Lavallee - Large Eddy Simulation of an Ethanol Spray Flame
Chandra Vendra Madhav Rao - Vented explosion study of Syngas and Biogas fuel blends
Dongwon Noh - LES of two-phase combusting flows with stochastic approach
Ivan Sikic - Evaluation of Different Schemes of the Weighted-Sum-of-Grey-Gases Model for Fire Simulations
Dr Asela R Uyanwaththa - Large Eddy Simulation of Jet in cross flow mixing in gas turbine fuel injection
Dr Konstantina Vogiatzaki - Cavitation Characterisation at different back pressures
Dr Huangwei Zhang - Prediction of extinction in turbulent swirl non-premixed flames
Dr Daniel Wacks - Flame Propagation into Droplet-Laden Mixtures