Members of UKCTRF and its organisational structure

40 experts across 19 UK institutions who are experienced in using High Performance Computing (HPC) for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations of turbulent reacting flows

Principal Investigator (PI) and Consortium Chair

Prof N. Chakraborty (Newcastle University) ([email protected])

Administrative Support

Anna Cuninghame ([email protected])

Current Management Committee

Prof N. Chakraborty (Newcastle University),
Prof R. Stewart Cant (Cambridge University),
Prof E. Mastorakos (Cambridge University),
Prof N. Swaminathan (Cambridge University),
Prof W.P. Jones (Imperial College),
Prof D. Emerson (Science and Technology Facilities Council)
Dr. Salvador Navarro-Martinez (Imperial College)

Current Impact Advisory Panel (IAP)

Academic: Prof L. Vervisch, Prof J. Driscoll, Prof D. Roekaerts, Dr W. Meier
Industrial: Dr N. Tonello (Renuda), Dr M. Zedda (Rolls Royce), Dr R. Cracknell (Shell), Dr G. Bulat & Dr S. Sadasivuni (Siemens)

UKCTRF: List of Members

 University of Central Lancashire

Weiming Liu

 University of Manchester

Rob Prosser

Cranfield University

Karl Jenkins

 University of Ulster

Jianping Zhang

 Edinburgh Napier University

Stathias Tingas

University College, London

Kai Luo

Queen Mary, University of London

Xi Jiang

Brunel University, London

Jun Xia

 University of Brighton

Konstantina Vogiatzaki

University of Leeds

Derek Bradley
G Sharpe

University of Birmingham

Mehdi Jangi

University of Southampton

Edward S Richardson

K.K.J. Ranga Dinesh

Durham University

Phil Gaskell

University of Warwick

Jennifer Wen

Liverpool John Moores University

Sean Malkeson