WP1: Fundamental Research

  1. Premixed and non-premixed combustion involving gaseous fuels
  2. Liquid fuel combustion
  3. Combustion involving new fuels (e.g. hydrogen-enriched combustion, bio fuels etc.)
  4. Detailed chemical mechanisms
  5. New combustion regimes
  6. Experimental data for model development and validation

WP2: Applied research and technology development

  1. LES of premixed, non-premixed and partially premixed combustion in gaseous phase
  2. Numerical simulations of multiphase reacting flows
  3. Advanced RANS simulations of premixed and non-premixed combustion
  4. Fire simulations

WP3: Algorithm and architecture development for future

  1. Use of directives, such as OpenMP and OpenACC, to exploit multicore and GPU-based accelerators for discretisation
    techniques such as finite difference and finite volume methods.
  2. Implications of implicit and explicit time advancement on massively parallel systems and the optimisation of communication
    strategies for inverting large algebraic system
  3. Development of high fidelity numerical methods for tackling challenges of computational analysis of turbulent reacting flows.